Previous Exhibitions

richard killeen burial mound

In the early 1990s

Richard Killeen & Ava Seymour

robin white an island story install shot 2

An Island Story

Robin White

andrew barber install shot

Earth, Wind and Fire, Knock on Wood

Andrew Barber

wd hammond untitled 2012 1

Cave Music

W D Hammond


Reproductions from the Image Catalogue 1-100

Richard Killeen

peter robinson defunct mnemonics 02

Defunct Mnemonics

Peter Robinson

ava seymour west 1

Slight Matters

Ava Seymour

darryn george kaitiaki 1


Darryn George

octavia cook empire of vitako 1


Octavia Cook

mark braunias defender 1

Plan 9.5 From Outer Space

Mark Braunias

mark braunias gps 1995 2

Men on Mars

Mark Braunias

L0564 yvonne todd

Seahorsel Subset

Yvonne Todd