About Gary Baigent

Gary Baigent was born in Wakefield, Nelson, in 1941. He attended the Univercity of Canterbury School of Fine Arts from 1960-’62.

Whilst attending Teachers Training College in Epsom, Auckland, Gary changed his mind about teaching and worked on his book “The Unseen City; One Hundred and Twenty-three Photographs of Auckland”, which was published by Blackwood and Janet Paul in 1967.

Gary was exhibited alongside two other NZ photographers, Collins and Fields, in the Active Eye, 1973.

Gary has worked in various jobs — on Auckland Waterfront as a seagull, Rail Freighters, and various wool stores. He shifted north to commercially fish and dive at Cavalli Islands, Russell, Rawhiti, the Bay Of Islands, Waimamaku, and on the West Coast. He spent a few months as cinecameraman at TVNZ Wellington. Gary has also worked at DSIR (Department of Scientific, Industrial Research), as a farm worker, a landscape gardener, yachting journalist and assistant editor at Sea Spray magazine, and freelanced for various New Zealand and overseas nautical magazines.

Recently he edited and laid out “Jim Young: Yacht Designer, Builder, sailor” — published by Amazon, to be released shortly.

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